How Would You Like To Spend The Next 90 Days With A Six Figure Business Owner And Watch Everything She Does?

Join Liz Tomey for the next 90 days as she shows you the real truth (and disasters) behind living the Internet lifestyle...

So here's what is going on...

I watch so many struggle to get an online business up and going. The main reason is because they don't stay on ONE thing and see it through...

Yesterday I started talking about a friend of mine who is doing 90 days of FB lives. I've wanted to use FB Live because I know the power of using FB to bond with your people. However for over a year now I've been TALKING about using it but never have.


Because I'm scared I won't be able to keep consistent with it and it won't work.

The same thing my people go through.

I've got a successful biz. I don't face many fears with it these days. But now I've come across a fear, and I'm ready to conquer it. I want to show my people what happens when you face your fear and follow through with it.

So... I am going to do the 90 Day FB Live Challenge, and show those who are scared to follow through what can happen when you actually do!

This daily FB Live will be a brief daily account of exactly what I'm doing in my online biz and how I do it while still having a life. It will be totally raw off the cuff stuff so you guys can see what the "Internet Lifestyle" is all about.

The real stuff!

You'll also get to see...

  • My failures and what NOT to do! I wont be holding anything back and showing you even when I screw up. In life and business!
  • The beach! We will go the beach A LOT and see dolphins (manatees maybe), idiot tourists, and more!
  • The craziness that goes on in my life and how I cope and still manage to run an online biz!
  • Maybe some animal porn too! Manatee mating season is coming! I'm kidding... Maybe...
  • And a ton more!

So get on the list to get updates when I'm going live, where you can watch the recordings, and even where to get the free stuff I'm sure I'll be handing out!

Come along and see what it's really like to live the Internet lifestyle. Just drop your name and email address in the form below or to the right!

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you